Ah, the Power of Standing Up

Firstly, listening to some awesome French music...thank you W and E...(holy shit...I remembered names for more than 30 seconds, though it took a little while there!)...and yeah, A rocks because of sour gummy worms. (Being a dweeb, I can't tell the difference between a freshman and a non-freshman, not noticing a lack of confusion.)

Fuck. That sounds like some chatty, shitty blog, when really I meant to outline why politics is such a convenient field in relation to the exciting (to my ego) follow-up to the Sex Signals presentation today (which dissed U of I...harrrrgh, half my school). Well, the total lack of an Orientation Aide meant that we were sitting in a room (after having to go around the building because only the quad-side door was open...not cool for lazy dudes like me) for around ten minutes.

All I did was stand up to see what happened...I mean, what else do you do when people are sitting and just chatting, waiting for something to happen? Anyway, considering that the eye is drawn to motion, around 4 or 5 people actually noticed that I was up...then I made the mistake of opening my already excessively opened mouth.... Oh well. The upshot was that W (being closest to the board) got up and wrote stuff down (with authority--that was a very exciting underline :D), and when the board filled up, I merely mentioned that it meant we had accomplished something and could leave. So people left, and it was awesome, because all the other meetings went an hour after ours...unless that isn't awesome, but oh well. This floor is too goddamn quiet anyway (and knocking on random doors to say hi is cool, as evinced by the great music I am now listening to!).

At any rate, it's interesting how people are willing to listen to someone with as little or maybe even less qualifications than they if that person just decides to do something.

This proves that Jainism, despite being heavy on morals, is self-contradictory in stating that action, as the root of all sin, should be avoided--because without actions, nothing would happen. People are content to sink into entropy (which really should be pretty damn obvious considering what le dorm is slowly degenerating into--haven't made my bed, I throw my clothes around, and it is good!).

Haha...this is way too funny.

Dear Hoover House,

Please let me extend my apologies for your CLM #2 mishap this
evening. We realized last week that the room you were scheduled to be in
was double booked and updated your appointment cards and unfortunately, that
information was never clearly translated to your OLs.

Tomorrow, for CLM #3 you will be in Green 110. At that time, we will
provide you with information for both Chicago Life Meetings 2 and 3 and
hopefully be able to make this up to you.

We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience and hope you enjoy the
rest of your O-Week.


So yeah...some poor bastard's going to walk in and find out that Al-Qaeda abducted Russell Crowe, and also that we are mad about the U of I reference...and some other random shit.

((Later, the discovery was made that the very people supposed to lead our discussion were the ones that found our B.S., to which I say: Ha, ha.))

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