Apple Really Needs Women to OK iPad Marketing

So there's this new iPad (snrk) commerical on TV, and whether it was just because of '30 Rock' (still awesome, still funny after four seasons) or because this commercial really is that ridiculous...I laughed. During this ridiculous commercial.

Anyway, let's see if it was just the commercial. Don't read this if you've just watched '30 Rock' or any other comedy thing!

Without further ado, here's some of the features promoted and what they made me think of:

The iPad is thin.
Fuck that shit, the Maxi Pad is ultra thin!

The iPad is powerful.
Yeah, but is it powerfully absorbent?

You can take it anywhere and do anything with it!

Well, sure, but I doubt you can lead the lifestyle of today's modern active woman while carrying one around.

And, finally, the one thing the iPad needs:
The iPad: it's not an oversized iPhone; it's an oversized iPhone with wings.

But on a seriouser note, I'm surprised that anyone's surprised at their extremely proprietary behavior about apps. Hello? They're a monopoly. It does mean higher-quality products (especially if durability is the top thing on your list; environmental friendliness has since been co-opted by Sony and other electronics manufacturing giants)...it also means that they can price things however the fuck they want and you just have to put up or switch to another brand.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I have no interest in the i-pad, or Apple. No USB, No moving files from the i-pad to another device, No flash, No freedom.