Chicago! :O

Weird things I have seen since the 17th:

  • An old, weathered homeless man sitting in the nook of a church...right by an enormous sign that says "Jesus Never Fails".
  • A genuine streaker (well, just the backside, thank Bob) running alongside the bagpipe procession.
  • A magnificent, decently ornate (but not baroquely ornate) arch (that we went through)--with a huge plastic sign right below the point welcoming new students.
  • Bright pink party hats on the spikes of a rather venerable iron gate.
  • Random UC t-shirts ("If it were easy, it'd be YOUR MOM", "Where fun comes to die.", etc.) (I currently have two in my possession...technically 3 I guess, but one's a large)...w/e.
  • Possibly the most disturbing thing ever...a bag of chips endorsed by "L'il Romeo" and with some bootylicious descriptors.
  • A shitload of dead birds. At least they all had their heads.
  • An EGG outside stairwell no. 4, Max P East between the second and third floors.
  • A lot of random crap (Oreo covered in white fudge, pens, marker, duct tape) on a second floor windowsill on the side where there's a drop.
  • A firecracker--naturally set off by frat boys--hitting the side of the building I live in and fizzling out (lovely sssss noise, wish I could do that with boiling water!).
  • A Chicago team *gasp WINNING the World Series?! :O
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