How to Read Like a REAL College Student

Yeah, I'm alive.

Anyway, for all those little children who think that dressing like a whore is enough to make them a college student/upperclassman in high school...there's a whole mindset involved. You people just don't give us the credit we deserve for our lifestyles.

Case in point...

"In this multimedia installation Sone (Japanese, living in America) envisions snowflake patterns as blueprints for architectural spaces...and transforms their crystallized forms into fields and structures. A video and a performance by Sone's band Snowflake are also planned. 200 pine trees complete the exhibit." (I'll probably get sued for using this. Well, fuck off, UC bureaucracy. You're already getting more money out of me than I'll ever spend on a domicile.)

With that little rant out, here is how a genuine college student would see/read the part in quotes:

"Sone has a snowflake fetish. And it probably involves either tentacles or bukkake."

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