L'oiseau qui rebelle

Saw "Carmen" today!

I will attempt to eschew descriptions of the obnoxious junior-high and high-school kids who acted like they were at a baseball game, from singing the National Anthem to whistling and cheering every fucking time someone stopped singing. OH. And they clapped when Don Jose stabbed Carmen.

Why is it that instrumental music is never acknowledged without the addition of a voice? I mean, the Toreador suite was playing at the very opening, and people talked all through that. (Which I resent because, when paired with the Habañera itself, it is Bizet's magnus opus. Or however you say it in Latin.)

Anyway, 'twas awesome. I was disappointed at the lack of a scene where she dances with a rose in her teeth, but the costumes were better--the skirts were more flamboyant, like the kind of thing you'd see on a flamenco dancer, rather than being more stereotypical gypsy-peasant outfit. (But still...rose in teeth...)

Well, it was awesome. Great music, good singers (Carmen's voice cracked on her aria and sometimes, they weren't that loud, but that could have been because of our horrendously shitty seats). Oh, and after Chipotle, I met a chocolate café. It is my latest fling.

4-1 odds that the affair lasts less than a full day.

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