There is no Unique.

I find myself all too frequently wanting to deride the modern types with their modern art and counterculture strikes ("emo" being called to mind) on the basis of the fact that when they do things, they're actively trying to show they're not part of the norm--like feminists. I could write an enormous rant about how feminists are so desperate to show that women have a place in things that they forget men do as well...but that rant is easily compressed into one sentence.

So is this, to be honest.

There is no such thing as true uniqueness. There is such a thing as relative uniqueness--in one's environment, one can easily be different from the surrounding people and things.... But there's got to be at least one other person out there who has the same style of thinking as oneself. Even Napoleon wasn't unique. Hell, he had unique opportunities. And that's what I guess really distinguishes people: their environments.... But that doesn't make them unique. And yet...many men have probably stood in Napoleon's position, especially at the beginning of their lives.... But only Napoleon managed to force Western Europe to his will. So in the end, there must be something unique, and that uniqueness is a combination of personality and environment. That's all there is. By yourself, you're nothing; in the seat of the presidency, you can be everything. But the world's being broken up more and more; the most we can hope for nowadays is recognition within our fields...and even that comes only after our primes....

What's happening to the world?

But I digress. The point is that, as much as I would like to tell postmodernists that they suck and that they don't understand life--which should never need a force against which to act--I can't, because there's probably someone out there who feels about me the exact same way I feel about those dipshits.

Oops, sorry. I was trying to be all reasonable. But I guess it collapsed in the end.

These things tend to do that.

Thursdays are my day of rest. They are metaphysical, and it is good.

...Just thought maybe you'd like to know that. While you're at it, how about my current music selection?

Yeah. No. :/

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