Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Finally, the trilogy comes to an end. It's funny how three is considered the ideal number for a series....

Anyway, the conclusion to the series was a great deal of what I expected with a few fun little additions & such; the biggest problem I had with the movie were the stupid little kids who couldn't figure out what was going so kept talking or kept kicking my chair.

At any rate, I'm pretty sure one of the reasons for the insane length was the fact that Disney, being Disney, anticipated the attendance of children and therefore spent a bit more time on plot exposition than was strictly required. (Honestly, though, people are still complaining that the movie was hard to understand. WTF?)

Fight scenes were on a larger scale, so don't expect a second wheel scene (though there were a few nice fencing scenes, most of it was large and computer generated); the CGI use was amazing (not that that's saying much, considering what '300' has done to the industry--but still, the water looked gooooooood), humor continued, with jokes from the first and second being extended to a point that made it clear that there would be no sequel ("Why is my boat gone?"), and an extra dimension of surreality that snuck in quite the fanservice. Also, there were a few jokes poked at other current movies (my personal favorite: "This is madness!" "This is politics.") All in all, not quite as quotable as the previous, but still....

So...go see it. Don't think too much about it, especially if you're even vaguely familiar with the story of Odysseus.

Anyway, I found the hint of epic ("swashbuckling adventure") most interesting--the whole idea that the world is being filled in, etc., etc. I do wish they'd done a bit more with the concept of discovery and the loss of legends (well, there were some subtle...). At any rate, I suspect that part of the appeal of this movie series comes from the fact that it's on a grander scale--so many movies are about real people that we've come to desire archetypes once again.

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