Drinking & Genesis

It's amazing what one can learn simply from asking people the obvious questions--in this case, Why drink?

As a result of answers compiled from bunches of people over the past (calendar) year, I've decided that inebriation is the path to Eden--that is, to a state of innocence. Not only do people become much happier, relaxed, willing to do things they wouldn't normally do, but--here's the important bit--they can get away with it. There are some behaviors that are considered either the product of a disturbed mind or simply inexcusable--unless the person in question has an appreciably high BAC.

Also, drunks are honest. I think that's why the bar is considered both a semi-intimate setting--a good place to meet a potential partner--and a great setting for jokes. In a bar, no one lies--why would they? No one's going to remember what they were saying the next day anyway....

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