Elephant (and Donkey) in the Room

Palin is a woman. Obama is half-black. Minorities are running for office--and it's particularly interesting to see how they are taking advantage of that.

(I feel like some comparison should be drawn between Biden and Palin, but it's so hard. Comparing McCain and Biden would be easier.)

Palin--and the Republicans--are already complaining about a 'sexist' bias in the media. How low will they stoop? First it was the 'liberal' media (which, by the way, lambasted Gore more than Bush in 2000)--even though they have all the radio hosts, and a major "news" station (I really, really don't think the amount of B.S. on Fox legitimizes it)--and the media, as a whole, has a conservative bias because even though editors tend to be conservative and they're the ones actually controlling the output--now, it's sex.
How are we supposed to scrutinize Palin if everything negative said about her is transformed into a 'sexist' remark? She's never been vetted by the American media, and at this rate, she never will be. Sort of funny, that kind of double standard. I can't believe McCain thought that Hillary voters would want the kind of woman who is not only willing to cut funding for pregnant teens & suchlike while she had a budget surplus, but who is also willing to take advantage of her sex to set up a double standard. It's women like Palin that undercut egalitarianism (no, I do not consider myself a feminist; equal rights go both ways). Once again, way to lose the independent vote--if it really is worth more than the social conservative vote.

(I think we're pretty much going to have to scare independents into voting: imagine a future with Palin/Obama as President: abstinence-only sex education! destruction of national resources! no abortion! ignored minorities!/increased taxes! socialist healthcare! undermining of the war effort!)

As for Obama...race hasn't really come up in this election although he has strong support from the South Side community he helped (or is that not relevant enough for y'all?). Should it even come up? Race is such an inflammatory in the U.S. that I don't think we're still capable of having an honest discussion on how race biases our views--because we have grown up unable to say things like 'I don't trust Hispanics/blacks/whites/Indians/Chinese/whatever'. This is going to erupt someday, but for now...maybe we can make being colorblind work.

I have to add, I'm very impressed at the way Obama has chosen to handle Palin's reaction to liberal attacks on her inability to keep morality in her own family. He doesn't see the point of responding on her level of petty remarks; he wants accountability. Will this be a problem in November if Palin is able to keep playing the sexism card? I wonder.

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