To Women: Get OVER Yourselves.

This one goes out to all those disaffected Hillary supporters who have latched on to either McCain because he is not Obama or to Palin because they feel like she is being discriminated against because she is a woman.

To the former: does platform have no meaning to you? Granted, McCain wasn't such a bad option when Hillary and Obama were going at it--if Hillary had won, I definitely would have thought long and hard about making my first vote ever Republican--but look at his platform now, please.

To the latter: get the fuck over yourselves. It is impossible to present a completely unbiased coverage of the election; I've said this before, but I think the main reason racism hasn't come up is because it's too embarrassing for America to deal with and no one wants to open that specific Pandora's box just yet.

Also, Palin herself has introduced sexism into her own arguments. She loves talking about being a hockey mom--which has many specific connotations, although we in the U.S. like to call that a 'soccer mom' (I guess I can't expect Palin to have known that one). She also brags about how having a child with special needs makes her an expert and an advocate of all those parents raising children with special needs (although--going from her actual record--being a mother to a teen mom doesn't make her care more about that subset).

None of the men in this election will be able to claim that they are devoted fathers the way that Palin has been slinging around her baby. Consider the bullshit about Obama wanting "sex ed" for kindergartners--he's a father to fairly young children; but I bet that if he'd said something about that, people would have pointed out that he wasn't the primary caretaker of his children.

There are sex differences and there will be moments of actual sexism. Using the word "lipstick" in a phrase heard on both sides of the party line is not one of them. If you're going to do that, you might as well claim that the Dems are sexist for using words like 'and' and 'if', because Palin has used them too.

What matters in the end is how politicians actually deal with media coverage. Do they constantly take advantage of their uniqueness to accuse the media of a bias, or do they show some real grace and respond to the criticism as if they were anyone else?

Additional thoughts: if you're going to talk about "union"...Obama has support in 22 other countries. Normally this would be irrelevant, but Americans are still parading their leader as the "leader of the free world".

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