Voters Are Stupid

There was this commercial for a blood sugar checker. The only thing the ad said to promote this product was 'Available in four vibrant colors!'

SERIOUSLY. Is this all people really need to entice them into buying things? People, this isn't an iPod, this is (potentially and with a tiny bit of exaggeration) your LIFE. America is a far more vain society than I had previously assumed if this is what people really care about.

So how does this apply to voters...? If we're going to go by just appearances on everything...America is fucked. (Okay, it's been fucked for a while, but this is a pretty big one. Seems to me like the world order is starting to move forward from its stagnation.)

People of the U.S., popularity contests were supposed to end in high school. America is a little too big for your minds to be clouded so easily with pettiness.

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