Why I Like Halloween - I

Insanity is acceptable today. Fundamentally taboo subjects: murder (the knife stabbed into his gut and slid upwards), cannibalism (the innards slithered down into his own innards), etc. suddenly become perfectly expected; and children are encouraged to pretend be all sorts of bad things (robbers, murderers, nightmare creatures--in the old days, demons, devils) and even rewarded with candy and expected to act gluttonously towards it.

Which brings me to the real question: why? I don't understand why people want to hear about things that make them miserable (unless waking up at 4 in the morning dripping in sweat rubbing your stomach to make sure everything's still there is a good feeling). Fear, yes--I love roller coasters because of the simulation of danger--but still. Something that's taboo is suddenly okay with the pretense of a "holiday" in front of it? That's confusing.

Going to go play videogames now. :D

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