As the election gets closer and closer, it's hard not to feel a sense of impending doom--brought on by all the people out there who are voting for McCain because they think Palin is hot or because Obama is half-African or because abortion somehow matters more than a solid foreign policy.

I'm so tense. I suspect le monde is, too.

For the past 15 years or so, the world has been in a state of flux. There has been no balance of power since the USSR collapsed, and this past decade and a half has seen a fair amount of unilateral action on part of the U.S. that has not been sanctioned by the rest of the world. The question is, how long can we and should we keep this up? The U.S. is not powerful enough to police the world--the recent economic crisis and subsequent fallout has shown that. Fuck, China owns half of the U.S.'s debt (and no, I have no idea what the actual number is but I'm assured it's large).

So: it's time for CHANGE. We need a President who is aware of the opinion of the rest of the world and will take it into account. We need a President who will not force his agenda down people's throats. Remember: you can still choose to keep a baby if abortion is legal, but if abortion is illegal then there is no choice.

Think before you vote, please.

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