End of the World

In September 2006, for some reason I was convinced things were spiraling downward--in general, that there was a tendency to destruction and the whole world as well as individuals were deliberately heading for it.

Now: is it perhaps really happening?  Or maybe we've just escaped it.  After an election that was anticipated by most of the world, if...if Obama had come up in the Blagojevich scandal...but maybe there's too much hope around him for that to ever happen.

Anyway, what with the economic crisis and all, I think maybe we have to re-reevaluate the world order.  Traditionalist view favored, maybe the balance of power is that no one is really in control right now.

Next year...we'll see.

On a completely unrelated note: Heroes, anyone?  I think the chapter end improved on some of the flaws of this season...things are still in srs absurd mode, but I'll stick around for next season...hoping that, by now, they've figured out not to fuck with the space-time continuum.  (Also, Peter = way cooler, and far less of a fuckup, without powers.  They should keep him that way.)

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