Holiday Spirit

Talking about donating to charity--this is the time of year when people go all-out, right?  (Well, either that or right after they find out how much they owe in taxes...).

Makes me wonder, though: how come people don't behave like this the rest of the year?

This is the season where all those gooey feelings are extolled over and over again in film, TV, even the Internet now--but what about the other 50 weeks?  All year, no one cares about homeless people or trash-talking their own family or enjoying the snow*, but make it that one time of year involving presents and suddenly everyone is good!

I find this phenomenon confusing.  Hypothesis: caring is like syrup, impossible to enjoy it in large quantities.

If you're wondering what the point of all this rambling, ranting, whatever, is: it's this--I'm done with apologizing for the Scrooge inside me.  Why should I feel guilty for wanting people to either be like this all the time or drop the hypocrisy?  (And yes, I volunteer and all that jazz.  Haven't started donating yet, but I know who I'm not donating to: anyone claiming that the money goes to a cure for cancer.)

*which I loathe on principle no matter when it is.

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