Inauguration Day

With the big day just around the corner, I suspect at least some of us are wondering what Obama's first move in office will be.  Is he going to start by establishing himeslf as the foreign policy hard-liner that we assume he is because of Clinton's appointment, or by the domestic demigod that people have been worshipping with the supplication of "Yes We Can"?

On the foreign policy side of Israel's invasion of Gaza, the easiest and most beneficial thing to do (for the U.S., obviously), I think, would be to publicly denounce the brutality and then participate in tacit non-interference, instead turning focus to the domestic worries that are really dominating news stories.  And he'll have so much help from the "liberal" media, who seem to have completely dropped the ball on bringing back images that shock people into action.  Also: why not have Israel do the dirty work of bringing Hamas out?  If Americans are going to bitch about civilian casualties, then maybe we'd better take our soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan right now.  But add a little bit of realism and you can see that this situation, as long as America keeps its hands clean, is perfect for us.  Let them resolve their own disputes as messily as they like.

On the domestic end: Obama's got a solid economic team assembled, as long as he stays on top of things and makes sure Dubya doesn't slip anything by--which of course Obama has done fantastically so far--so there, hopefully by 2010 the markets will have stabilized, as they are already seeming to do.  But it's never safe to trust anything through only one season.

Seems to me like Obama will be able to go in and jump straight to matters, creating stimuli as an excuse to push out social agendas.  As long as he is untouched by the scandal in Illinois, of course.

On a side note: 7 years of American indoctrination trying to convince me that they act for the better good failed miserably, didn't it.

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