Get Over Getting Over Race

(Yes, this is pretty meta.)

So recently there's been a deal of controversy about how there's still racism in the media, &c.  The main argument has been, we need to do more to get over it.

To which I say: getting over race is like fighting a war on terror.

It is ridiculous to try and eradicate something that does not exist as any sort of institution--is, in fact, not allowed to exist as any sort of institution--because what can you tell people?  Racism exists in a million different forms, from the way people cringe and clutch their bags when they go south of Roosevelt (12th street south of the Chicago River) and the way people look at Asians studying for their Econ exams.  There's no way to get rid of a stereotype when it is partially promoted: there are far less poor whites in the inner city area, and Asians have a thing about respectable, solid career choices.

So what can we do?

I think the only answer is to recognize racism as an inevitable part of culture and reach for the root of the problem instead of just trying to pretend it's not there.  Stupid to try to not be prejudiced when more African-Americans live in poverty than whites: that's a problem that should be fixed, not ignored.

Even if race disappeared, there would still be socioeconomic distinctions.  For a long time now, it's been popular to identify with specific groups, and that identification ensures that there will always be some form of discrimination around.

Addendum: New House, MD episode "The Softer Side" (thanks, IMDB) is already compensating for last week's suckage.  Yaaaay!  (Terminator reference?  Yesplease.  Major drama involving major characters?  Yesplease!)

And about new Heroes episode: I swear a good show goes bad as soon as they insert fake military.  And why has no one thought of just killing anyone with the surname Petrelli yet?

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