I sort of think it's pointless because, well, I can photoblog everything, so here's a bunch of stuff I can't write down:

-The food is fine.  Of course the main dishes like souvlaki are all meaningless, but the tsatsiki is fantastic (seriously, it's waaaay better with rich Greek yogurt) and Mythos, the local lager, is pretty damn good too.
-People are very nice!  And used to tourists in some areas, of course.
-Birds shit everywhere.  Cats pee everywhere.  Dogs shit in many places.  (There are a bunch of strays, although they're way tamer and nicer-seeming than the ones in India.)
-Slopes.  Oh god the slopes.
-Cars park in the most random places....

Hmm, I think that's the stuff that's new to me.  A lot of stuff that's new to people who haven't been out of the States or to the East are surprised; as for me, some of the European stuff (okay, there are seriously amazing boots here...how they wear them on those hills I have no idea) is cool.  New.  Better, even.  (Like the solar panels everywhere, and the fact that they list energy in kJ instead of Calories.)

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