From Naxos

On the island of Naxos, which is tiny but still entirely reliant upon its tourism industry: since we went there Easter weekend, pretty much nothing was open.  Even if I were uploading photos right now, they would barely tell you anything--you'd have to be there at midnight to hear the horn on the ship blow four times, and then all the singing and dancing--christos anexi!  (My Jewish friend and I said it to each other when the horn went off, it was hilarious...partially because we were half asleep.)

Umm...the beaches are nice, uncrowded affairs.  I just found out that you can allegedly get crabs and other problems from Greek beaches and you should never use the same towel for the beach as you use for bathing...oh fuck.  It's not too bad, though--the beach was pretty empty, which was nice; I finally went swimming!

I've missed salt water so much.  Although it is incredibly annoying when the salt gets everywhere...and the water tastes spectacularly awful.

There are a lot of Italians on Naxos due to the Venetian occupation and all that; actually we went to a little Venetian museum in the old town (which is more than definitely worth a look).  There's such a huge contrast between the whitewashed, pristine, tourist-friendly districts and the old town; it's entertaining.

Despite the disadvantages of going there Easter weekend, let me just say that if you like lamb, you are in for major treats.  Seriously.  They had whole lambs roasting on spits pretty much everywhere...it was kind of entertaining.

Don't drink the water!

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