Stoa are really big.

Went to Euboia, which involved taking a ferry from Oropus and then over to Eretria; definitely did not expect the entire bus to roll onto the ferry, and the ride was incredibly smooth, in part because the ferry has a giant ramp that’s lowered instead of straight-up docking (which is probably kind of necessary for all the cars to get off). Funny story: we technically went back in time an hour for that trip as they don’t observe Daylight Savings on the island(s). Our lunch break was made more entertaining by the fact that we were sitting right outside a school, which shortly thereafter had its recess. A bunch of kids swarmed around, talked to us; the funniest was a bit later, when a kid screamed “This is Eretria! Welcome!”—the humor being that, yeah, we’re totally clear on where we were. Anyway, they were cool, and it was nice to see a playground where, you know, it isn’t illegal for kids to throw things or, indeed, to have competitions.

Note to self: don’t go climbing things if you haven’t planned how you’re going to get back down. I hate heights. And rock. And slippery damn lichen.

The weather here continues to be unfortunately cloudy and a bit muggy (although less so than previous days, owing to a sudden chill…naturally on the day that I chose not to bring my jacket; the ferry ride was unpleasant due to numb fingers and ears). I hope the south winds give up soon…well, maybe this is the tail end of things. We’re hoping for a nice weekend, we want to visit an island. It's already improving, actually, but still a bit humid.

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