Likavettos, again

Climbed up Mt. Likavettos again (okay, so it's technically a hill and it wasn't a climb as much as a stroll because there's a nice path...but we went up an assload of steps because we went through Kolonaki to avoid the strike, and this sounds better anyway).  It's a lovely view on a clear day!  I think we were able to see the faint hints of the Peloponnese in the background, not to mention Aegina and the nearby islands of course.

Oh, right: public holidays in Athens = strikes.  We could hear the tidal roar of humanity from up above--although we somehow never saw anyone who was actually striking; we just saw a srs fleet of police zoom by.

Also...there was a book tent thing set up outside the Zappeion, not too clear on what that was about but it was kind of neat (albeit horribly expensive, at least compared to prices in dollars...from what I vaguely remember...and I buy everything on sale anyway).

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