More Like 1800

We went to Thermopylae, which is now a mostly disappointing site; in fact, you have to know to follow a rather nondescript sign mentioning a fortified hill to see what I'd read about--that is, the monument saying 'Stranger, go tell the Lakedaimonians'...something about still standing guard. But anyway, they should plant blue flowers or something everywhere the water would have been, because it's not visible at all. Evidently they're still working on finding the goat path.

If I'd had a water bottle, I would have commented on how thirsty people looked and then offered them a drink...I couldn't think of anything hilarious to do involving any sort of actual Herodotus, though, and then there's the whole cultural issue point, but that touches too close to what we're actually supposed to be learning, so I'll stop now.

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