So, at last, our time in Greece draws to a close. I feel a little like I'm writing an obituary for someone still breathing, since I do still have one last week here (not to mention we're taking a trip to Aegina, so more things left to see). But still, things are winding up: I've used up all of my cookable food and detergent, I'm contemplating ways to make things last longer or finish sooner, I'm debating tossing my sneakers that have served me so well so that I have less luggage--in short, all the preparations are made, the right mindset has been reached. I think I may be a little too accustomed to moving....

Anyway. I can't say too much about Athens. I will definitely miss this place, even if there are individual facets I haven't enjoyed too much--no place is perfect, and the geography is such a pleasant change from the dreadful flatness that is Chicago; and everything reminds me of something else. Maybe the truth is that life is just one vast network, like some sort of crazy spiderweb that can't figure out when to stop connecting to itself.

Okay, so less on a thinky note. I think there's a lot of stuff I won't notice was different until I get back, but I've been making a list: the air, the fact that the metro stations aren't disgusting and smelly in Athens (actually, they're pretty icky in Paris), the stray animals, the stray animal shit, the food...oh god I am going to miss the food so bad...although of course I'm also missing all sorts of food right now. I want red chili!

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