Who Cares About the Moon?

The public is obsessed with the glamor of things that sound cool. In this case, landing on the moon. I, for one, see it in a similar light as particle physics or the entire branch of mathematics: cool, yeah, especially if you actually care about the topic...but what's the point? (Okay, yes, I am joking a little about mathematics. But seriously, you guys might want to try going outside occasionally; it'd probably help with the crippling social ineptitude.)

SO...yeah. Screw the moon, and definitely screw Mars. They're big fucking wastes of money, at least as long as we still have unexplored depths. Do you really think that knowing how water may have once formed on Mars is going to cure AIDS (well, more to the point, are not a pharmaceutical and therefore have some human interest in seeing it cured)?

As for Earth, global warming, while generally shitty, is opening up previously sealed areas, like an untouched lake in Antarctica teeming with bacteria that are thousands of years old. And, of course, it's killing the rainforest, so maybe we should work on that first, y'know? Y'know.

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Anastassia said...

I agree. Moon and Mars. Bullshit. I can't believe all that money is wasted on them. I think humans should worry about life on this planet instead of sticking their ass in space, maybe looking for a new possible home for us to live on when we fuck this one up enough. Although that sounds somewhat reasonable in the long-run...it's like they're excited for life to be impossible on Earth...and that's not even what they're doing :P yet. So far they're spending it on...dumb. shit.