System Overhaul III

I need to get a PS3.

But seriously, modern video games consoles are so different from...second-gen? third gen? stuff. The Internet is suddenly a very large part of this business--you can get console updates and patches, buy more games, buy stuff for games, network to play MMORPGs (except better because they're with a console)...etc. I have to wonder if this side of things will help bring about the Web 3.0 revolution, since there's a lot of potential here to link stuff to social networking sites. I mean, gamers are more likely to be dicking around on the internet anyway....

List of reasons I need a PS3, in no specific order:
1. Burnout Paradise
2. GTA 4
3. Prince of Persia
4. Soul Calibur IV
5. DC vs. Mortal Kombat
6. Ninja Gaiden
7. Bioshock

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