So..."The Informant!" is as amusing as I'd expected. Not, like, a laugh-a-second funny (which I'm totally hoping "Holmes" will be, and thank god they're not keeping true to the original personality but letting Downey (Jr.? Do I have to add that?) take liberties), but, like, this is amusing oh holy SHIT did he really just do/say that.

And yet it still manages to be a tiny bit horrifying. I knew food in America was fucked up...I just didn't realize how much of it had to do with the other end--not the factory farmer end, but the o hai processing end. Also, mental disorders totally suck hard! And they can suck hard on a federal level!

But anyway yeah entertainment, go see it if you want the amusement (although it does drag a little at points...not shocking considering the plot) and the sheer astonishment of seeing Matt Damon not being intensely fit. (Maybe I just tend to only watch one category of movies normally.) Definitely worth the matinee ticket...full price? Possibly without a student discount, I can't decide. How much do full tickets cost, anyway?

So. People talk about corporate culture and how bad it is, but it's amazing how little it's changed since the events of this movie (14 years ago...holy shit I am old; it takes place in the early to mid-'90s). I mean, scandals keep coming up, but how much can the government do about it, especially with opposition from the people who want a limited government? It really does make me think that I was right to consider that the future of the world, the balance of power, will be defined not by politics but by economies. (Yes, I actually got published on this one, so I'm allowed to quote myself. Maybe I will follow this up with a complete nervous breakdown when my genius remains unappreciated.)

Unless we all learn to really, really appreciate small business, and small businesses learn not to raise their prices just because they have the word 'organic' stuck on front of them, nothing's going to change. The President can demand transparency, but that makes it even easier to hide the really dirty secrets--just give people a little bit to feed on and they won't even look up.

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