It's Always Halloween in America

No, this is not a sarcastic commentary on how the store displays make you expect Christmas before it's even Thanksgiving, or Valentine's Day before the new year begins; it is a vague allusion to that one show, which I still haven't seen but it's totally on my list blah blah....


I would have gone with dress-up day, except that adults don't participate in it and then deny half of it guiltily and cover the rest up with the justification that it oooonly happens under very very special circumstances and possibly after many shots of tequila with a chaser of moonshine. This, of course, does absolutely nothing to explain the actual issue, which is....


Oh, come on. This was never written for kids. And I think we're all mature adults here...eh, who am I kidding. The thing is, though, that Americans have a really, really weird attitude towards sex. On the one hand, it's perfectly acceptable to make horribly dirty jokes and show lots and lots of images of scantily clad women, and sometimes men. But get an ordinance like the one in New York that gives female joggers the right to go topless and...what the fuck! "Too distracting for drivers"? Really?

And then in the bedroom itself...the amount of toys, games, and books just explaining how to ritualize it even though, underneath, it's the same brainless act.

Personally, I'm more interested in how S&M can possibly be explained by anything biological.

NOTE: Right after this, a commercial with the background music of "Love Stains" came on. It was for the new Swiffer "Wet"Jet.

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