Interest Fatigue

So I recently saw a news article that mentioned how people are giving less and less of a damn about global warming as its media coverage increases (and how some idiots have even gone as far as to decide that it can't be real! there's too many scientists behind it now!).

Maybe you'd want to call this a side effect of what people are trying to call the "Information Age," I assume because it's so easy to obtain, not because people are actually trying to get it, but....

Remember when parents would nag you about shit? And how, the more they repeated it, the less you cared?

That's right. The issue is not that people are being overexposed to information at a new and horrendous rate, it's just that information fatigue is how we were raised. It might even be an instinctive response--although I am tempted to give behaviorism a little credit--I think I might have been conditioned to ignore anything repeated more than twice in an hour.

So yeah, things are going to continue the way they always have. The people who care will fight the fights and the people who don't are going to wish that the former would just fuck off already.

The only difference is, in the old days, there weren't as many opportunities for the people who care to recruit.

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