New Year Dawning

Holy fuck, we're almost onto a new decade of the new millennium!

Although I would like to point out that...shit, almost ten years ago, I would be totally pissed if you said that. Because we go by the Roman count, and the Romans were not awesome enough to invent zero, so that technically the first decade of the new millennium ends with the start of 2011.

But now I'm swaying to the side of perceptions being more important than truths, and as far as perceptions go, we're officially in the future!

*Kids born in the year 2000 are now able to walk and talk, and sometimes even construct coherent sentences.
*Kids born in 1990, one year after the Internet was invented (by Al Gore...actually I totally hate how the media misquoted him, not least because I didn't want to see Dubya in office), are now college age.
*The majority of elementary school students today do not remember September 11th, and as a result probably have no idea what the fuck we're doing in the Middle East.

And, as for the less scary:
*We have CLOUD!
*Green technology. I just learned about thorium as a potential nuclear fuel, and wow is it totally sweet--with no weapons uses, besides! (I'm reading a book called "Chasing Molecules," and will probably have more to say on the topic later.)
*Hybrid cars. These are cars that are called hybrids!
*But seriously corn utensils are still kind of awesome to me....
*Netbooks and smartphones. Web 3.0, here we come! Also along for the trip, a drastic rise in myopia.
*Data, data, data. Awesome computers make number crunching the new way to predict trends!

Personally, this was not the most awesome decade ever, but I think my judgment is colored by the fact that I was old enough to be cynical about it. Oh, and I didn't get to spend it in southern California. Why the fuck didn't I go to Berkeley....

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