I Knew About 2012 Before it Was Cool

...so fuck all you wannabe mainstreamists just hopping on the latest trend.

Okay, so you definitely get a different education depending on what part of the country again (I mean yeah duh...but not just because of the shitty funding and idiot school board some places have), they pick textbooks that favor the region. So, in San Diego, we spent a shitload more time on the conquistadores than the vanilla Founding Father worshipping folk do in Illinois.

Anyway, it's kind of boring to see people getting all torn up about ooo the Mayans--especially when they don't add in the awesomeness of 500 years of accurate solar predictions those guys did (the dude who told us about this, right when we went to see a shriveled corpse--the Lady of Lemon Grove--and all sorts of less memorable artifacts, did it with the apocalypse prediction at the end). I don't give a fuck about mainstream (if it's popular, it's popular for a reason, right?) but I'm just all apocalypsed out. (I went through this phase of reading dystopian novels, got through about seven or eight at least, could not watch "V for Vendetta" without thinking of something else.)

Right now, I am pissed at the Naperville District 203 system for being a bunch of Constitution breaking fuckheads.

Okay, so my sister had to put up with at least two weeks of goings-on about how awesome abstinence is, how sex is only good after marriage--they did teach anatomy and first aid, but they did not discuss alternate forms of birth control or prophylactics. At the very least, the GLTBQ (or whatever the fuck that acronym is) should be getting really pissed--if you read that first dash-area-thing, it basically says that homosexual sex is wrong, except in about two states and foreign countries.

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