Winter Olympics, what.

Okay, so I'm not going to deny that any individual sport executed by the top of its competitors is worth watching on account of the sheer level of human feats, but seriously the Winter Olympics are piled with a bunch of silliness.

To be fair, so are the Summer Olympics--but a little less so, on account of not having like 40 different versions of skiing because, let's face it, options are slightly limited when it's cold and icy/snowy outside.

Anyway, I'm talking about events like the ski jump. Where ever has it been necessary in human history for people to be able to jump really far off a conveniently set up ramp using the most aerodynamic and best-engineered of all equipment? Yeah, cross-country skiing and even moguls and ice skating could be rationalized by the occasional need to get across giant frozen lakes and mountains (although why anyone's living there in the first place, I don't know).

Have you ever thought about how strange most sports not originally geared towards training people for war or getting across terrain are? Not just strange, too, but wholly unrealistic, considering once again the idealization of conditions provided.

All's fair in entertainment, I suppose.

OH. And, can't believe I forgot to mention this... CURLING. WHAT.

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