healthcare yaaaaay

First of all, how can anyone not be for wanting everyone to be covered at some kind of minimum level, even (perhaps especially) if they're sick?

It's an industrialized thing, yanno?

Granted, some of the provisions are a little too federal stomping on states' rights, and that's why they're in court right now. Not in broken windows and racist slurs or death threats.

I just want to know why the Republican Party isn't doing more to show that they want to take this the legal and, well, allegedly American route. Remember? The one where power goes from one party to another and provisions are passed without throwing tantrums or just not actually giving a shit about participating in the process?

I wonder if there are any American historians out there drawing parallels between now and 1828. See, the South nearly seceded then because they thought their cotton industry was sufficient to hold them up...but times are different now.

One, the red/blue split isn't nice and congruent. Which would make travel really awkward.

Two, global economy. If the country splits, it'll be worthless.

I don't think that bludgeoning measures into passage via supermajority is a good long-term strategy, but from where I'm sitting, refusing to participate and toeing the party line because it keeps votes together....

At least the Democrats have the nerve to not be constantly thinking of those less-than-liberal votes they're losing.

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