Why We'll Never Get Rid of BP (or prevent another oil spill)

...Oil dependency. That's it.

Okay, so they're being held accountable--the president actually did take some initiatives to invest in cleaner energy a few years ago--there's no longer that stupid cap on how much they have to pay in damages....

Still. Are you going to switch your household over entirely to non-petroleum energy anytime soon? Aside from the unfeasability of solar power in Chicago (seriously, it's pouring here), and then wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal power in areas that are just not geographically suitable (BP owns shares in natural gas and, I think, "clean" coal).... We're cheap. We want as much as we can get for our money, we're too lazy to get ahead of the curve and stop using oil, OPEC will toss out initiatives to keep using oil if there's any chance of its profits dropping, etc.

Bitching about the spill is fine. Going over there and washing off individual animals is slightly better. Protesting BP in front of the White House or BP headquarters is expected, but quite frankly useless.

The only way to prevent another oil spill is to stop using oil.

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