Guacamole With Mango, a recipe

My mother was terribly envious of the fact that my sister and I finished all of this before she got home, so she bought more avocados! And, since I was having simultaneous envy of Whole Foods' mango guacamole, I decided to make my own.

I used:

one avocado, mashed
a little over 1/4 tomato, diced
~two teaspoons salt
less than half a lime, squeezed
one clove of garlic, minced
about 1/5 mango, diced
one green chili pepper, minced

For best results, you want the mango to be just on this side of edible--get one with a nice yellow (rather than orange) color that isn't mushy yet (you can tell by poking and sniffing it, raw mango has a different odor from ripe mango). Also, a less-than-totally-ripe tomato helps.

Anyway, it definitely needs more salt and lime juice than if you're not using the mango; the lime didn't come across much at all, and I kept adding salt.

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