Is Twitter Changing How We Think?

Okay...let's make the title a little more accurate: Is Twitter changing how I think?

We already know the Internet is fucking up our attention spans [link], but what about the method by which we process information?

Quite frankly, reduced attention span has nothing to do with "thinking deeply", which sounds like a load of bullshit anyway. What's deep thought, beating a chess Grand Master or being able to figure out whether you should break up with your fiancee because he slept with another girl even though he doesn't remember a minute of it? Seriously, don't buy that book. It sounds like it's pandering to the morons who think science actually works like it does in the movies.

Anyway, memory does have something to do with the processing of information, in that a lot of your reaction to information depends upon past experiences stored...everywhere in your brain (hello there's a reason it's called the association cortex). So it's not nonsensical to wonder what else in our brains are changing, considering how everything's connected. Our memories define our perceptions. (You can pretend this is to a limited extent, otherwise you'll have an existentialist crisis.)

What prompted all this?

Occasionally I think of what I'm doing within a 140 character limit.


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