Dear Democrats: grow a spine already.

There are times when I'm really, really embarrassed to call myself any kind of liberal, especially one who generally votes Democrat. From their incompetence in 2000 (the one time the results were contestable...) to the saddest midterm campaign I have ever seen--The Onion sums it up very nicely....

Grow some fucking spines, guys!

Oh, did I say "spineless"? Sorry, I meant completely boneless.

In addition to doing nothing to "refudiate" (it's my new favorite word, for which you have Sarah Palin to thank) the claims that they've done nothing to stop the economic crisis--even though economists generally agree that doing nothing--the Republican strategy, bastard child of a belief in a 'free market'--will screw shit up a lot, lot worse than it is right now...Democrats can't even run a decent smear campaign. I mean, look at the amount of mud the Republicans, and especially those asshole Tea Partiers (what a stupid name...) throw--you'd think they could move beyond the intelligent--sorry, "elitist"--image long enough to point out that these guys are a bunch of dicks who are going to fuck the economy while taking away social freedoms.

Urgh. Sometimes I wonder if the problem is this party's been around for 200 years...maybe that's just too long. On the other hand, they clearly haven't learned anything from Jefferson.

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