Megamind, a movie review (not in 3D!)

Yeah, if you know me at all you know I'm a ho for graphics, but I've finally broken free of the 'SEE ME IN 3D' nonsense that's spreading like wildfire. (Seriously. All of the movie trailers advertised ended with '...in 3D!' Even the live-action ones that didn't seem like they could possibly make use of 3D effects, which I have still only seen well-applied in 'Coraline.')

And this movie definitely doesn't need the 3D to make it as good as it gets. The plot is nothing special, Pixar's the studio with the really mind-blowing textures...DreamWorks' strong point--and I say this after having finally seen 'How to Train Your Dragon'--is animation. When it comes to sheer character expressiveness (and also parodies, cough cough Disney/Pixar), they've got it.

Oh, and a very recognizable classic rock soundtrack (and what I swear was Liszt's Consolation in D-Flat), plus some really recognizable parody scenes (Donkey Kong with the barrel throwing and everything! Also a great 'NO YOU CAN'T' parody of the Shepard Fairey poster!), at least for this movie. The plot itself was kind of bleh, they did throw in a clever twist or two at the end (and Minion--the giant-eyed fish in the gorilla suit--is pretty much the awesome and should be made into squishy plush dolls), and as already mentioned the textures and modeling were nothing special in today's world.

Amusing, go see it at the matinee.

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