...because I don't have enough web presences already.

Anyway, as I get ready to (presumably...) go to graduate school I figured I'd go through the experience of it, and above all the frustration of trying to do science in a world where people keep having to explain that "global warming" is real even if--actually, especially if--your winter was extra cold this year, and also where people cannot differentiate the theory of evolution and the hypothesis of natural selection.

However, this blog format has always been really formal to me. Proper capitalizations, real paragraphs, blah blah blah...there's reason I've said so much more on Twitter these days, you're practically encouraged to abbreviate when you have only 140 characters. Nevertheless, it's not always long enough.


The Science Bitch. (sciencejerk was taken, FYI)

Let's see how long this lasts.

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