Captain America: Civil War

I am trying really, really hard to not outgrow superhero movies. Problem is, I'm not sure it's working....

Ok, the Marvel blend of comedy and seriousness is great. Continues to be great. Whoever paid attention to the way Whedon handled the dialogue deserves several brownies. I was also pleasantly surprised by the shades of grey when it came to the central conflict, which granted isn't saying a lot, but the fact that there's actual room for discussion in a genre notable for its cut and dry good and bad guys is worth something.

That said, there's a lot of small details that have been nibbling at the edges of my enjoyment, but I'm not going to point them out because I'd rather not spread them, and I think you'll notice a few yourselves. The big problem I had with this movie, though, was the pacing - the order of the scenes was fine, but it dragged at points. Yes, I enjoy funny dialogue and yes, it is probably going to make a bigger return because no watcher is going to spend too much time being sad, but all of it ended up being a bit much. Especially considering how much continuity it also fed into.

Rating: $8, which is something in between regular matinee (yes, there's an early matinee) and full price.

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