So for some reason I have like this blog. And I'm writing it in my direct thinkspeak (I read 1984 multiple times, indeed) so it's gonna be like all confused and shit. But it's me.

I demand the return of 'mleh'. I use it most versatilely. And what sucks the most is, now I can't yell at XS about it because it's been...used. Sob sob sob.

Don't really care that much. Apathy, you see. Who the hell are you, anyway? And why are you reading this?

Jeez, get a freaking life.

***Right now, I have this kind of electric tension through me--Debate Team meet tomorrow. I have to get stuff. It's probably my last and omy what would have happened if I were in the right grade---?! So glad I'm not a sophomore. Class of 2007 makes me sick--they're IDIOTS. And these are the honors students I'm talking about. No real lives--at least not the majority of them.

*****Edit Feb. 12th, whatever year--I shall do this in French.

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