So I was thinking about celebrating stuff on the lunar calendar--birthdays and all--and thought it would be ridiculous to have my birthday change dates throughout the year. Then I thought about this and realised--well, isn't the solar calendar pretty B.S. too? If you're a lunarite, those buggers on the solar system (no puns here) are the ones screwing around. Which doesn't mean that I have changed, making this a pretty worthless acknowledgment--though it is one many fail to make in other matters, such as the ones commonly known as 'war'.

It's weird, being in the library (study) with the soft illumination of a light bulb rather than the harsh...um, shit, what are they called?...glare I'm accustomed to. This way, the fade into the family room's darkness is a bit more natural...though the shadows and various light effects are obnoxious.

I'm waiting on that plug.

And epiphanies are no big deal....

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