I Hate All Illinois Nazis

...because that's not bigotry at all. (I will invent a sarcastic emoticon to go here when I have something I can procrastinate.)

: I wanted to write something in permanent marker on the car of the hypocrite who had that sticker: Hey, idiot--that means you're just as biased as they are! Asshole! You're an Anti-Nazi, which, like extreme left-wingers who end up turning into extreme right-wingers, makes you a Nazi in your own way!

This idiot probably got the sticker because they thought it was erudite. Bullshit. (And they probably don't know what erudite means; I wouldn't be surprised. Here is another good place for my future sarcastic emoticon.)

I hate humans. I'm justified, too. They should be called Homo stoltus stoltus for accuracy's sake.

Catch-22 is a great book.

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