Love is...Table

I feel like listening to Für Elise over and over again, though I really don't know why.

Who was Elise?


At any rate, it all started at lunchtime when LC brought her little memo pad thingy from Graphics (which I recognized due to SE's own one during Creative Writing), and she got a little fixated on the notes.

Eventually, I discovered the 'Love is...' at the bottom, and we came up with some ideas like 'You', and then 'B.S.', etc. Deciding to be really ridiculous, I came up with 'Love is...Table'. At first, it didn't make sense...and then, enter Teen Sense, occasionally known as Dirty Sense.

  • can be used by large groups (though they're sometimes made for one)
  • have a person at the head
  • become sticky if you spill stuff on them
  • have to be cleaned with vigorous rubbing with a rag back and forth...back and forth...
  • are long, hard, and smooth
  • are woody
  • can have feet and such getting stuck in them
  • have food sometimes dropping into the crack

Although I must credit Dude Whose Name I Don't Know (Mark?) for most of the good ones (particularly the back and forth).

I'll never look at a table the same way again. Until, of course, tomorrow.

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