I'm in Love

I went to the Art Institute today on--finally--a bona fide field trip, chock full of education and wandering around downtown Chicago unsupervised. We saw many things--boobs, which was okay because they were all Impressionist & Post-Impressionist abstractions (man, does the Art Institute have too much of that era)--but there is one thing that stands out in my mind even now.

The black wood is chipping, but it is still majestically sized--and at the top...oooooooooh...HALBERD! Totally ceremonial, but still.... Ooooooooooh...the blade is this huge crescent, and it's just so intricate.... And the pike was seriously 3 feet long. I love it.

And then there are the stairs. Spiral stairs--my favorite, simply because I don't remember any others--with this monster of what I call a straw figure dangling. Sexy, right? Right.

But the halberd...I could forget about rapiers and war picks just thinking about it.

I'm giving this love affair 24 hours.

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