I've been reading too much lately....

Current book: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Um, yeah. I've discovered what I really hate about people.

Imagine, for instance, a man sitting up late at night...scribbling frantically away on a sheet: a new idea, one designed to perpetuate the virtues of self-immolation, that undermines the populace. He spreads the idea--it doesn't have to be deliberate--but he spreads the idea, and others latch on, seeing it as a new good. He smiles, says it's virtue, says that he believes it (of course he doesn't), and all of this has been done for his amusement. He knows that people are dipshits--

It's not this man I hate, it's the people who follow him: the idiots who latch on to any idea that seems good, who follow a trend or a counter-trend because they think it's for the best, not because they just want to.... I hate those people. They're filthy, and I despise them, because they're the ones who hate all of those suicide bombers, anyone who isn't like them: anyone who operates on the same principle as they do....

I just can't watch them. (Creative Writing: we were watching Eve Ensler lead some prison class; I swear, she's the ultimate New Age woman--she discovered yoga after 50 people wrote books about its feel-good power, and she probably burns incense that smells like soft lavender and is part of an aromatherapy plan.)

Well, whatever. Mleh.

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