The Four-Hour Two-Hour Flight That Ended Five Hours Later

(Last) Saturday really, really, really, really, really, sucked major ass.

Read the title again.

Well, basically some jerk screwed up the part about moving the airplane away from the gate, so there was first a half-hour delay to see what the problem was, then three more half-hour delays to fix the problem, which meant that only around half the people left the plane...for a half-hour...and I wasn't one of them.

Let it only be said that I was incredibly shitted out about having decided to a) bring a book I had read at least eight times, albeit my favorite book, and b) not bring my trusty but slightly large CD player.

Well, I landed. And waited, waited, waited...blah blah blah...luggage...the only upshot was that I got a free smoothie.

Oh, and there was an option to switch flights for a free ticket. If I'd taken that, I would have reached the fucking D.C. airport before the flight I was on that was scheduled to leave an hour earlier.

So, yah. Stuff and nonsense...settling in...meeting one roommate who was nice enough, but a bit of an airhead (as opposed to valley girl), then...Caucus 2. I think "Raucous Caucus" is a bit of a misnomer because it didn't cover half of what we were like.... Yah. Poor D(tM)F and J--our instructors--DF was always so optimistic and always happy, and J was really quiet. Seriously....

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