Hehe...funny brand name...which probably means I should give it a TM or something. Whatever.

Sunday: woke up nice & semi-late, did stuff--the Crossfire, which was supposed to be all serious debate, began with us CA-ns discussing earthquakes and ended with us talking about our favorite teachers, at which point the discussion leader had us go around and name what we would like to see in the headlines in a perfect world.

I don't want to see headlines in a perfect world. After all, there would be no need for a media because information would be so readily available.

Oh, and then we went to the Smithsonian Dulles Air & Space Museum, which was very sexy. Oh, just remembered--I have to find the 3D glasses I took from the semi-shitty $6 simulator!

That's a story I would rather tell in pictures, of which I took a lot before realizing that I had a whole week ahead of me (and which was probably the reason for me now needing to mooch off of friends' pictures).

Eh--nearly missed the shuttle back from the Pentagon City Mall because JD and I were buying CDs--Sam Goody does sell stuff for under $10! HOLY SHIT! And...yah, not much after that, besides the seminar led by a slightly paranoid dude whom I think could have done a much better job emphasizing the importance of stopping cyberterrorism by turning it into more of a cause than just another thing.

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