Ow, These Shoes Hurt

Speech by the Surgeon General: Vice Admiral Richard Carmona, which, we agreed upon later, was far more a biography and far less informative. However, I did admire him for admitting that the future of free healthcare in America was not good, considering what the priorities are right now.

Anyway, we had a class photo taken afterwards at Grant's Statue, which took nearly a century because of trying to get 320-ish people lined up by height and then sorted...and people kept coming late.... And the worst part was my shoes, which were the businessy type and not meant for a) walking through dust and b) standing around in.

After that ordeal (in which I discovered how embarrasingly short I am, except not really because I was in the wrong section), I went to the Smithsonians with JD (CC & SH abandoned, as the two of us walked way faster). Saw the Hope Diamond and pretty space things, of which I definitely have photos.

Another seminar--also not that great, because the dude babbled more about education & went more for recruitment than actually talking about anything real. Oh well, oh well.

The crossfire session on chemical & biological weapons could have been way better. Either I or the other dude was totally uninformed (I'm pretty sure it was the other dude, because I had to research this shit); I seriously had a better time talking to the FBI agent who was the instructor afterwards.

And then caucus meetings, which ended up in three of us researching, some horrid European War, and eventually bedtime. (I hadn't discovered the swing sessions at this point.)

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