Why I Want to be a Representative

Capitol Hill--we actually got to sit on the House of Representatives floor! See, this is actually really cool because it's the place where the State of the Union address happens each year.... Not to mention that the seats are very comfortable. Oh, and the place itself was gorgeous--seriously, the hallways and paintings were fairly impressive. I wish I'd had a camera (but if I had had one, then I'd really have needed the third).

Stuff and nonsense the rest of the time, though. I really blew my chances at meeting Senator Obama (who will be president in 2012!), having waited outside while a crowd spoke with him. Well, I got to see the back of his head as he disappeared into the inner chamber and didn't come out for our group visit....

Then I just kind of walked around and got really sore feet, at which point I decided to violate dress code by wearing *gasp* comfortable shoes.

Oh, and JD had to point out the tampon lying in the dirt by the pathway leading from the Capitol to the Senate offices. WTF?! That place is practically sacred!

Crossfire: sucky. When the two dudes started going back and forth without pause, and the one chick kept disagreeing with everything (including her own previous statements), JD, TB, and I had our own private little chat that the instructor tried to bring into the rest. The funny parts were when our completed discussions popped up 5 minutes later, and afterwards when we scared away T from CA and AV by pretending to girl-talk (we were really dicussing the adaptability of technology for interstellar and Earth usage).

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