Why I Loathe Humans I

Um, woke up. Suits all day--cry, cry. Not as bad as tramping around the National Mall, though, so...whatever.

The seminar with the NSA was actually pretty cool (during it, I learned that the Patriot Act did not help them--HA!); afterwards, there were split individual caucus seminars; I regret that I did not ditch the 'Information Assurance Directorate' (which seemed slightly paranoid) for 'Cryptology', which turned out to be sexy, as I heard from so many. (And a thanks to JC for the packet--yay for codes!) The Biometrics one, however, made up for that; it was really, really cool. There are so many ways to encode information.... Whoo.

And afterwards, we were supposed to go to Northrop Grumman to learn about space technology. Well, evidently, one sick person meant that the entire seminar was cancelled. Fortunately, the NSA dudes offered us a tour at their Museum of Cryptology, which, despite being more of a roadside attraction that something massively awesome, was actually pretty interesting in terms of the history.

Stuff after that--dinner at some fancy place called H2O that had seriously the shittiest food ever; and then the Capitol Steps. These dudes were actually pretty funny--and the best part was that they poked fun at both sides so that no one could bitch about it afterwards. (My personal favorites: "Will the Real Dick Cheney Please Stand Up", the debate between Kerry & Bush--even though the actors really didn't resemble them, and the dialogue between the Clintons.)

And then we went to the memorials. I think that you have to be there to understand it, so I won't really say much--I was horridly depressed at how long it took the government to erect a WWII memorial (during W's term! WTF?!), and, even more so, I came to passionately hate that segment of the human race known as 'tourists'. These fuckers were talking even in the places with 'Silence, Please' signs!

Oh, and there was no Hamilton Memorial. (There still isn't, not that I know of.) Bastards.

(The sun looked really good tonight. I mean tasty-I-could-eat-this good. Mmmm. Big orange ball bursting with flavor--dripping juices.... I get so hungry every time I think about it, which is probably a bad thing. Oh well.)

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